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Where were you when Napster slammed the coffin lid shut on the old-school music business? Tucker Jameson was writing songs in his suburban Connecticut bedroom and playing guitar till his little 10-year-old fingers ached or his mother commanded, “Lights out!” While his classmates pored over Harry Potter books or glued their thumbs to Nintendo games, Jameson scrutinized the liner notes to Revolver and Nevermind.

Jameson is part of the first post-CD generation, yet he’s steeped in the rock classics that form a necessary foundation for anyone hoping to build a music career lasting longer than the blink of a YouTube video.

After some early adventures in recording, Jameson toured the country and landed in Austin, determined to use his rock appreciation and Berklee-honed skills to write modern songs that speak to his own generation. He spent a year working in the studio, finally emerging with a group of tunes that unequivocally achieve his goal. “Son of Superbia,” “Technological Warfare” and “Ritalin” couldn’t have been written in the ’60s or the ’90s, but they contain the kind of power-pop songcraft that fans of any rock era can identify with.

Tucker and his band are hitting the road in fall/winter 2013. Following the tour, they head back to the studio to record new songs for a 2014 release.

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